Why Donald Trump

  • Bogus: imitating something superior not real or genuine: fake or false
  • American: of or relating to the United States of America or its inhabitants
  • US: We the people


We have exited the stage of world leadership. China is building its resources by investing heavily in Africa while at the same time building man-made islands in the South China Sea, where the Chinese are setting up military bases.

Putin is rattling his swords around Eastern Europe as well as encroaching on Georgia and the Ukraine and annexing Crimea back into the Russian fold.

Vladimir Putin, who is Russia’s most popular leader in recent history, is expanding Russia’s influence in the Middle East, aligning with Iran and Iraq while dropping troops, supplies, support and goodwill in Syria. From media accounts, many Sunnis consider him the new heroic sheik;  people are parading around with his image on large canvases in a white caftan and head scarf looking every bit the part of an Arab chieftain/warlord.

All the while ISIS (ISIL, IS, whatever) is creating havoc in the Middle East—destroying people, towns, economies, ancient historical and heritage sites, and thus creating a crisis of immigrants flooding the borders of other Arabic countries as well as Europe, even Canada and the USA.

The European Union continues to teeter on the brink of economic collapse with a crisis every few months which impacts world financial markets.

Much of Mexico and Latin America is dominated, or at least greatly influenced by, the drug cartels. Many countries are either in financial ruin or teetering on the cusp of financial ruin, thus creating a sea of immigrants flooding the borders of the USA.

So here it is in 2015, we are now 15 years across that bridge and we are worse off than ever! Our national soul is crippled and tortured. We as a people are divided, angry and many times seem hapless and hopeless. Our government can’t seem to govern, and our national debt exceeds $19,000,000,000,000! In the USA, we have group shootings and stabbings every few weeks; police are being targeted, and high school and college campuses are unsafe.–

And in the midst of all this, we are preparing for some major elections in 2016 including the election of the president and commander-in-chief of our country, historically the strongest democratic and economic machine in the world.

If you watched the various presidential debates so far, you know that we had five Democrat candidates, +/- 16 Republican candidates and one potential unannounced (Joe Biden). So all in all we had +/- 22 candidates running for president. We had two females, two Latinos, one Black, one East Indian and 16 white males. Make no mistake, they are all Americans (I am referring to heritage only).

I find it interesting that the folks from the Democrat party love to talk about inclusion and diversity, and yet, they are all white.

The Republicans, on the other, had a woman, two Latinos, a black and an East Indian.

So what’s up with diversity in the Democrat party?  Well, I’ll tell ya, they don’t really believe in diversity—they just like to control the voters who seem diverse.

They like to try to think in terms of diversity because it makes them feel better. Better about what? Themselves? Society in general? White folks? Perhaps it’s about their perceived concepts of fairness! I think it is all of these.

So in order to rub a soothing salve on our national consciousness, to assuage our perceptions of our national history, we elected a half white-half black guy. Indeed, Barack Obama is a good-looking, intelligent and charismatic man with an attractive family. He was raised by white people, had a white mother and a black dad whom he hardly knew.

BUT here is the deal: The American public bought into BOGUSAMERICANUS.


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