• Bogus: imitating something superior not real or genuine: fake or false
  • American: of or relating to the United States of America or its inhabitants
  • US: We the people


Lisa Faleneberg

Lisa Falkenberg

So yesterday we penned an article about voters being the problem, and we quoted the Houston Chronicle columnist Lisa Falkenberg.

She wrote an article titled “Voters Have Good Reasons to Be Angry This Election Year.”

To reiterate, here are some of the highlights and the points she was trying to make:

“In a new TV ad, Donald Trump claims the system stays ‘rigged’ against Americans. He’s right. But not for the reasons the Republican presidential nominee cites . . . The real rigging in this country is less sexy and, thus, less understood. It’s the game politicians play with the electoral process. From needless, discriminatory voter ID laws to high-tech partisan gerrymandering political system that lets the politicians pick voters, rather than the other way around. That’s not democracy. And that’s what we should be mad about.”

No, it isn’t, Lisa. What we are mad about is what the Liberals (Democrats) are doing! They are trying to get everyone all the way down to the felons and convicts available to vote. Why? Because they know they will vote Democrat, because they promise these citizens so much stuff, and they want to expand our voting public to include the most clueless of our citizens.

What Lisa and her cohorts seem not to understand is the one of the forces of natural law, which states:

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction or at least a reaction of consequence.”

This is Physics101, but it also applies to most every situation in life. So when we get the kind of laws where clueless folks with a selfish one-issue agenda offset a truly informed voter (whether liberal or conservative), well, that is:

Bogus AmericanUS

And the other side’s reaction, according to Lisa, is to combat it with voter ID laws as well as high-tech partisan gerrymandering the political system.” Actually, she is correct, but she leaves out the context of why this occurs. AND THAT IS:

Bogus AmericanUS


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