• Bogus: imitating something superior not real or genuine: fake or false
  • American: of or relating to the United States of America or its inhabitants
  • US: We the people


Why Donald Trump

In the beginning of this endeavor, we touched on the underpinnings of our history, which began more than 240 years ago. There was a point in our early history in which we felt hopeless, and many of us have that same feeling today.

Yesterday was an important day—it was the beginning of the “TRUMP INITIATIVE.” I watched with interest the meeting between Trump and the president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, and the joint press conference. This was a huge step forward for both men and both countries. HUGE!


Both men have already been roundly criticized by the mainstream media in their respective country, the old tired media that are mired in the past and afraid of the future and indeed afraid of any new paradigm which their Neanderthal brains do not understand. It reminds me of a Chinese saying attributed to Confucius:“Man who bit by snake . . . afraid of rope.” I think that may be a bogus quote, but the point is well illustrated.

North America has had problems with the regions south of the border for many years. Latin America has huge natural resources, beautiful vistas and a very talented, resilient group of people, and that is particularly true of Mexico. Over the course of my life I have visited Mexico many times—Mexico City, Monterey, Saltillo, La Paz, Puerto-Vallarta, Acapulco as well as almost every Texas/Mexico border town from El Paso to Corpus Christi. Many of those trips were not as a gringo/tourista, but as a gringo immersed in the Latino culture.

So what’s my point? Well, the point is that over time, I have become simpatico with the culture. I live in Houston, where the Latino population is large. We (the Latinos and Gringos) have a lot in common: family orientation, Christianity and work ethic, among others. And besides that we have a shared history that extends back for hundreds of years.

So, for many years, I have wondered why the two countries (Mexico and the USA) have treated each other almost as enemies or at least as combatants. Why do so many Gringos love to visit (and even retire) to Mexico and so many Mexicans desire to come to the USA?

No doubt, there are cultural, educational and behavioral contrasts which distinguish one from the other, but the truth is that we have more history and commonalities than broad differences, at least in the southern states—until it gets to be overwhelming. Then the point of Diminishing Return kicks in! And that is where we are now.

The problems are really two-fold: when the Mexican exodus was a trickle several decades ago,  the southern Border States gave a wink and a nod.

Much of the escalation of illegal immigration occurred in and after the 1960s. This was the time of the Civil Rights Movement, in which Black Folks no longer wanted to be thought of in a servant capacity so they stopped taking those types of jobs. Several went on to higher callings with increased educational benefits (i.e., Barack Obama), while others, with Lyndon Johnson’s help, moved onto various welfare programs and social experimentations. These experimentations have been detrimental for the Blacks and have resulted in a Liberal White and Black Coalition twisting the fabric of the national soul into odd-shaped pretzel configurations that have no reasonability, nor common-sense foundations. They are merely a figment of a tortured imagination for their concept of what they consider is fair…and remember what we said in a previous post:

The Only Problem With Fairness—Is That It Is So Unfair!



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