In 2001 – The Bridge to the 21st Century: Reflections on the Soul of a Nation, author Cary Coole pondered the development of two Americas.

One is rooted in the past with strong values from our national heritage; the other America began emerging during the sixties and seventies.

A New America began to emerge; Old America was becoming passé, obsolete, and unfashionable.

Starting on New Year’s Eve, turn of the century, Coole takes us on a tug-of-war for the soul of a nation. Part memoir and part history, this is a look at America not from the bastions of academia, but from the spirit of the heartland.

Now 14 years later … America seems to be at a point of no return … it is the 11th hour and America has become bogus … we are indeed, Bogus AmericanUS … we have a short time to try to right the ship of state – otherwise American influence will collapse and leave a vacuum wherein nefarious world interests will fill the void and the freedom America claims to want will be foreclosed.

It’s starting to happen now. We are going to look at America honestly – it will not be pretty, it will not be politically correct … in fact it may be hurtful to some groups … but to paraphrase…

Know the truth and the truth will set you free … and from Khaled Hosseini – (author of The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns) – “better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie.”   

That’s what this is about!