Portland Publishing was formed to publish The Bridge To The 21st Century as well as future works by Cary Coole.

The world is growing smaller-and as a result, the wealth of information is growing greater; like a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business, a small world communicates more! New cables of communication are being installed. Access is easier and quicker. Much of this advancement has been accomplished through the exponential growth of various media platforms.

A good example of this is Donald Trump’s ability to capture the Republican Presidential Nomination in great part using Twitter and email. But Wait!! – There’s More!  As The Late Night Infomercials Scream.

And, indeed there is more! Trump is not just a quirky fluke – a pompous ass – a self-aggrandizing billionaire…and he maybe that also… but he is also a big picture guy – a visionary of sorts. If he were to win the presidency – he would be sworn in after his 70th birthday… he’s about 4 years younger than I. the point is that I think he sees what I and many other folks have seen. This great country we call America is declining rapidly. It is conflicted, effete, confused and disintegrating. We, the people, have not been diligent – we have not been smart – we have been way too self-absorbed and we have elected leaders from both parties who actually have formed their own little Sub-America  of power, influence and self-help at the  expense of the American people … both in money, morale and all the values which have built this country.

I wrote the Bridge book back in 2001 – we are now 15 years later – about a decade and a half … I described America, as divided as evidence by the 2000 election – I called it Old America vs New America. As an interesting side note in the quest to use a quotation from US New & World Report …  to get it I had to submit a preliminary copy of my book… they gave me permission and then published an article that said:

Elections tell us a lot about ourselves, sometimes with breathtaking clarity…The picture revealed on November 7, 2000 was a split image … a nation divided in almost every conceivable way…”   

So where are we today…that is what this website is about…and …Why Trump?